For the love of PINTEREST

I have spent the past two days revamping many of my pinterest boards. How overwhelming is a “Yummy” pinterest board that has close to 1,000 pins? Why not spend two days breaking this board down into smaller more specific boards? I also got rid of a lot of dead links and pins that I know I would never ever attempt to make.

While my “Yummy” board still has 200+ pins on it, I also have a Cookies, Brownies & Bars board, a board devoted to Cinnamon Buns (yes, really) as well as boards for Pasta recipes, Soups, and Chicken.

Revamping these has made me really pumped for holiday parties and Friendsgiving! As well as Christmas… even though I refuse to believe it is right around the corner. My mom actually just asked if I could bring an appetizer to Thanksgiving and I think that this one could be cute funny for my cousins.

cute For the love of PINTEREST

As for Christmasy Pins, I am in love with these DIY decorations from Martha Stewart. As the least creative and crafty person ever, I feel like doing something like this would be worth the investment in a glue gun.

pretty For the love of PINTEREST

perfect For the love of PINTEREST



Also, the most picture perfect winter house ever. Ahh. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? I feel like the house smells like freshly baked cookies and always has a nice fire going.

What are your favorite pins lately?


We are THOSE people

On Friday {Halloween} night, Chris and I celebrated our eighth anniversary. Eight years is a long time, and this was a particularly monumental year. After living apart for a long time, this was the first year we lived together in our home. There are going to be bumps in the road and all that jazz, and there were. After trying to stay home for dinner last year to be there for trick-o-treaters, we decided early on this year that we would be shutting off all of the lights and dropping the dogs off elsewhere.

Can we talk about how awful Halloween is with dogs? Especially panicky wiener dogs? We knew that with Cooper recovering from his back surgery there wasn’t any way he could be home with the doorbell ringing constantly. So we packed up the car and dropped the dogs off at Chris’s parents where they never get any Halloween traffic. I felt guilty leaving the house dark and half expected to come home to eggs on the siding, but luckily we didn’t have any issues.

After dropping off the boys we headed to one of our favorite places for dinner and both got our favorite meals. We were planning walking around town for a while but decided to head back to his parents early and spend some time with them. I didn’t take any pictures of the night but it was really nice. I love that boy so darn much.

(note – pictures look correct on website and not so much in a reader)

A Day in the Life {10.28.2014}

I have never done a “day in the life” post before, but always enjoy reading them.. so here goes!

6:30 – Alarm goes off, hit snooze

6:40- Alarm goes off again, make grumpy noises, get out of bed.

6:41-6:50 – Brush teeth, wash face (say yes to cucumbers face cloth)

6:51 – Buddy has followed me into the bathroom, I head downstairs with him and let him out into the backyard.

6:53 – Realize the dry dog food container is empty. Crap! Grab it and head downstairs to the basement and fill it up. Buddy follows me down and grabs a few nibbles from the top (apparently fresh dog food is the best kind). Put about a half cup of the dry food (Blue Buffalo) in his bowl and bring it up with me and let him eat on the landing for the stairs.

6:55 – Head back upstairs and change quickly. I got a new ThredUp order in recently so I throw on a new shirt that I really like and a pair of black pants. Put on deodorant and earrings and head back downstairs.

7:00 – Start throwing together a few snacks for the day. Rinse off a bunch of grapes and throw a greek yogurt into my lunch bag. I decide I am going to run out and get a salad for lunch.

7:05-7:15 – I showered the night before and blew out my hair, but it looks a little blah. I blow out a few sections with a round brush to freshen it up and put on a little makeup (mascara, pressed powder  in the t-zone and  a little bronzer for the cheeks). Buddy followed me into the bathroom.

bud1 A Day in the Life {10.28.2014}

7:15-7:20 – Let bud out again to chase birds and make my coffee. We have a keurig and I have been loving my reusable kcup with green mountain french vanilla coffee. Mmm.

7:20 – running late. boo. run back upstairs and grab a pair of socks (its a weird fall day where the high is close to 70 but my feet get cold at my desk, so I want emergency socks for cold feet) give bud a few kisses and then drop my keys. loudly! I hope I didn’t wake Chris up.

7:38-8:20 – arrive at work. start my computer and check emails for a little while. I have a video meeting at 9am so I print anything that I may need for that while drinking my coffee. Also, someone brought in munchkins… so I have 3.

8:20-8:50 – keep up with emails and check my library stats (I do this every morning to see how we are doing for the month). For the month of October we have had 1,802 physical items (books, DVDs, etc.) go out. Not bad! A little lower than last year but I am happy with it. I also check streaming video stats and see that teachers are already using it this morning (more good news!). I always check streaming to make sure that it is working properly. We have two outside vendors that supply the videos and sometimes the websites go down.

conference1 A Day in the Life {10.28.2014}

9-10:15 – head to the other side of the building for my video conference. I regret not eating my yogurt before the meeting! I thankfully brought my grapes with me. My meeting is with other librarians in NYS. As a group we work together to get group pricing on educational DVDs. We talk about things that are new in our area and discuss any older projects we may want to renew. We assign different vendors to everyone attending the meeting to work with for the school year. Our next meeting is in the a few weeks in Syracuse and I need to decide if I want to drive out for it or attend it via video again… hmm.

10:15 – Greek yogurt and cereal time!

yogurt A Day in the Life {10.28.2014}


10:15-11:45 – Look into a professional development streaming company and contact for information. Contact a a company discussed during the meeting about a DVD group buy that we are interested in previewing.  Answer teacher emails and trouble shoot a few catalog issues.

11:50-12:00 – head outside for a quick walk around the building. It’s a nicer than usual day so I wanted to make sure to get outside for a little bit.

12:00-12:45 – head to subway and get a chopped salad. I don’t know what it is about these, but I always really like them. I bring my salad back to work and eat it with a few coworkers. I had jalapenos in my salad and good lord was it spicy! my mouth was burning for a long time! (ate so fast I didn’t remember to take a picture).

12:45-1 – back at my desk I work on updating the budget app that Chris and I share (YNAB). We started using it before we moved last year and have been pretty good about tracking out spending with it. I am thinking of having him write a blog post about it, would you guys be interested?

1-1:45 – spent the majority of the time working on replying to emails, tracking streaming usage (lots of Halloween videos being used today!) and researching new vendors we may work with. I also check on a book order I placed about a week ago.

2- get up, refill water bottle and stretch legs by doing a lap around the building.

2:10 – 3:10 – continue working on a few different projects. call my grandparents and leave them a message thanking them for my AAA membership renewal (the best). grab a slice of lemon blueberry cake that my coworker brought in yesterday for my birthday. so so good! the perfect afternoon pick-me-up before heading home.

cake A Day in the Life {10.28.2014}

3:10- leave work

3:30 – arrive home, let pooches out. upload picture of cooper to instagram because he’s just so darn cute.

2014 10 28 15.39.15 1 560x560 A Day in the Life {10.28.2014}

3:40 – 4:30 – take buddy on a mile walk, and play a few fetch with his favorite new frisbee. The glove was not because it was cold, it is more to avoid dog slobber.


4:35 – feed the pups, take everyone out again.

4:45 – throw together a quick snack plate because I am getting pretty hungry. eat it on the couch while playing around on my phone.

2014 10 28 17.15.18 450x600 A Day in the Life {10.28.2014}

5 – run upstairs and change into comfy clothes, realize laundry needs to be done so I grab the basket and bring it down with me.

5:15 – put in load of laundry, survey fridge and see that Chris didn’t bring the leftover roasted chicken to work. Huzzah!

5:30 – cup up a small butternut squash and roast it with a little olive oil and balsamic to go along with my chicken.

6 – relax on couch with pups and catch up on some TV that I have missed in the past few weeks (new girl, A to Z, bones)

6:15 – take squash out of the oven, move laundry, head back to couch.

6:15- 7 – continue tv binge

7 – eat dinner! it may not be the prettiest meal, but it certainly hit the spot!

2014 10 28 18.47.51 450x600 A Day in the Life {10.28.2014}

8-9 take dogs out, finish watching tv on the couch and then head up to bed so I can put on an episode of Arrow before falling asleep

10:30 – most definitely asleep.

12am – Chris gets home from work and we talk about things that I can’t remember (this happens all the time). I remember getting out of bed because I am REALLY hot because I fell asleep with my hair down. I find a hair-tie and put my hair in bun on top of my head and go back to sleep.

Reflections on turning 26

Well hello there! Here it is, my first blog post as a 26 year old. I have been celebrating all weekend with family and friends and feel like I need a weekend from my weekend to recover. Friday was spent with my mister- I had the most delicious eggs benedict ever and then we spent the day relaxing.

yummy Reflections on turning 26

Friday night we went out to dinner with my parents and had a great time. The Olde Bryan Inn is one of my favorites in Saratoga Springs, if you are local to upstate NY and haven’t been there, check it out! I had the turkey dinner sandwich and only ate half (damn homemade potato chips at the bar!).  Saturday we had dinner at Stout and saw comedian Amy Schumer at the Palace Theatre in Albany. Amy was hilarious. Such a funny (and very very dirty) lady.

I had such a great time with my library loves!

schumer4 Reflections on turning 26

Reflections on 25: 

I am honestly looking forward to being 26. 25 was a rough year for me. Lots of ups and downs and my fair share of anxiety. So far it has been a great few days! I am hoping to string together as many of those days as I can. After avoiding the blog for the majority of last year, I started blogging again because I find a lot of happiness in posting. I have been blogging for over 5 years (wowza!) and really enjoy looking back and seeing how my life has changed. Looking back  at recipes, birthday and holiday recaps and the ever evolving love for my Squashington is a one of the most amazing parts of blogging. This year I am going to really try to focus on the things that make me happy.

 I would love advice on how you stay happy. If you deal with any sort of anxiety, how do you get past it?


Fall Bucket List 2014 {Update}

Just over a month ago I put together a fall bucket list. I thought it was time for an update!

Carve a pumpkin

A few weeks ago my good friend Amanda hosted a pumpkin carving party! I flexed my awful pumpkin carving skills once again and am the artist behind the toothless looking pumpkin 3 pumpkins in from the right. Even though my pumpkin was pretty silly looking, I had an awesome time!

pumpkins Fall Bucket List 2014 {Update}

Visit Olana

Done! I visited Olana this past weekend with my brother and his girlfriend and a great time.

Go kayaking

I unfortunately haven’t gone kayaking this year! Maybe there is still time to go before it gets too cold out.

Go apple picking

I went apple picking about a month ago! I didn’t take many pictures, but I did manage to get a half peck of apples and my share of apple cider donuts. Mmmm.

apples Fall Bucket List 2014 {Update}

Make an Autumn wreath

Hasn’t happened! I actually found my fall wreath from last year and I actually like it… so I have a feeling this isn’t going to happen.

Clean out ALL closets (how does it seem that every closet in my house is jammed with crap after one year?)

Kinda done? I cleaned out all of my clothing closets. I went through all of my clothes and sent a jam packed bag to ThredUp. I have had good luck with ThredUp before and wanted to see what I could get for the clothes that I absolutely wasn’t wearing anymore. I am planning on going through the other closets soon!

Host / Attend a Fall beer tasting. (I do not enjoy beer that much. But I wish I did! I am going to try to sway my taste buds this year)

Not done yet… soon!

5 new fall recipes (excited about this one!)

I have cooked quite a bit lately, but haven’t done any original recipe development. Recently I have made broccoli cheddar soup, spanish rice stuffed peppers, stuffed chicken,  and  one of my new favorites- a whole chicken in the crockpot. I have also been eating a lot of turkey sandwiches, eggs and butternut squash.