Apps for ANXIETY.

Why hello there! I’m going to brush off the fact that I blogged almost everyday in January and then stopped for 3 months. Life happened and I got lazy.

ANYWAY. After conquering (even if temporarily) some lingering anxiety I have been dealing with, I decided that it was time to share a few apps and techniques that I found helpful when my heart was racing. My anxiety almost always woke me up an hour or two before I needed to wake up. Because of this, I found that getting up immediately instead of trying to convince myself that I could somehow fall back asleep was the way to go. I found that laying there did absolutely nothing for me and almost always made me feel worse. The BEST thing I found for this early morning anxiety was going for a walk. I would throw on a sweatshirt and Buddy and I would walk a mile every morning. By the time I got back home from the walk I felt much better.

I also found that deep breathing was extremely helpful. You can obviously deep breath without using an app, but I found that having something coaching me helped quite a bit. It gives you something to focus on. You could either just use a stopwatch app on your phone or the Breathe2Relax app. You can adjust your inhale and exhale times and make it work for you. I have also enjoyed using DeepCalm; Rain, Rain; and Relax M.  If that is not enough for you and you really need some sort of guided relaxation, I have had good luck with Guided Mind. Guided mind (free version) has guided meditations on different topics. I have used many of them and really think they help if you dealing with serious anxiety. Depending on how you feeling, watching or listening to something on Netflix may also help. I found that listening to documentaries or BBC shows made me feel better (dork city over here). Also, I have found that taking melatonin is awesome. I don’t take it all the time, but it really does help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

What are your tips and tricks to keep anxiety at bay?

All together now



So in my last post I talked about how I was planning on easing back into eating the foods that I thoroughly enjoyed prior to starting the Whole30. Unfortunately for me that meant going to my parents house for a dinner party and eating a little bit of everything. And then regretting it.

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Easing back into it


When I first started the Whole30, I didn’t even think about how I would reintroduce the foods that I have spent so much time actively avoiding. Many people asked me what the FIRST thing I was going to eat after the Whole30 was over would be. Would it finally be that bagel? Maybe a big cup of coffee? Gosh, maybe even just a glass of wine? In reality I knew that I probably should look into a way to reintroduce these food groups slowly and see if any of them really through me off.

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Thoughts on NEXT month


Good morning!! I took a barre-esque class last night and during the whole thing I kept thinking about what my challenge for next month should be. I am happy to say that I am on day 20 of the Whole30. HOLY CRAP. Day 20! Where did the time go? I suppose it feels like the fastest month and the slowest month at the same time. Anyhow, back to my workout distractions…Continue Reading



Happy Martin Luther King day! I am lucky enough to have today off and have spent it laying in bed for an amazing amount of time, leisurely eating breakfast and enjoying two cups of tea while plowing through my 250+ posts in my feedly. During the week I only have time to read a few during the day, so sitting down and clearing out some of this has been nice.

Anyway, lets talk about changes! A few things I have mentioned here before, but other things I catch myself chuckling at everyday.

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