What makes you feel?

And when I say “feel” I mean really really FEEL. Like, get goosebumps.  Or a lump in your throat. A sudden awareness of yourself. As I was driving through town the other day I happened to drive by a large church that started ringing its normal hourly bells and quickly got goosebumps all over. It was in that moment that I realized that I can name a handful of things that cause that immediate reaction for myself. After thinking about it, I realized that they are all very powerful events or sounds that cause this reaction. Church bells being the first one that I realized, the second being bagpipes.

I don’t know what it is. I remember working at a bakery in town a few years ago while a parade was happening. During the parade, a huge group of bagpipers made their way down Broadway. I was clearing a table and caught myself getting choked up. On tears! real tears! I have absolutely no reason for why this happened. I still think about it! All of my coworkers must have thought I was such a weirdo. But I didn’t care. It was just raw emotion caused by an event.  Or maybe it was the kilts.

4b11b8baa990d9c6ea6fc693db8b2b02 What makes you feel?

Another (probably more common?) instance that I have noticed this happen is when listening to music. One instance in particular was when I went to listen to the 1812 Overture and watch a firework show that they do together every year at SPAC. I almost always have an emotional reaction to this one. I don’t know if it is the extremely powerful music, the cannons themselves or the fireworks. Probably some crazy combination of the three.

Please share! What gets you choked up?

Altamont Apple & Wine Festival

This Sunday I spent the afternoon with a few good friends exploring the 2014 Altamont Apple & Wine Festival. For anyone who lives in the Capital District of NY, this is a really fun early fall weekend activity. It almost felt like the official “Welcome Fall” celebration!

DSC 0133 560x373 Altamont Apple & Wine Festival

DSC 0155 560x373 Altamont Apple & Wine Festival

The weather in update NY was really amazing, it was a perfect day for jeans and a sweatshirt…which is pretty much my weekend uniform. I had such a good time with my friends Melissa, Amelia and Amanda (& Adam!). I met Melissa and Amanda in grad school and am so grateful that we became such good friends. We explored the craft tent before hitting up the best part, the WINE barn!


DSC 0166 560x373 Altamont Apple & Wine Festival DSC 0172 560x373 Altamont Apple & Wine Festival


After having our fair-share of wine, we made our way back out to the cattle barn and sampled different cheeses and olive oils. I picked up some basil and garlic chèvre….I am so excited to try a few new recipes with it! After having a sample I knew I needed to take some home or I would regret it. I also snagged a butternut squash (my favorite!) and a few mini pumpkins to decorate.

DSC 0143 560x373 Altamont Apple & Wine Festival DSC 0149 560x373 Altamont Apple & Wine Festival

It was a really fantastic Sunday! Any local friends ever been before? I love doing things like this.

Fall Bucket List {2014}

I am a big fan of lists. I make lists for everything and find them everywhere. On the fridge, in my purse, on my desk at work. I find them to be an easy to way to get a lot accomplished. Making fun lists is also one of my favorite things to do. Creating a Fall bucket list isn’t anything new. In fact, I had a pretty big one last year.

landscape  560x560 Fall Bucket List {2014}

While many of those items eventually did get checked off, a lot of them didn’t! This year my list is much shorter, so I am hoping to accomplish everything and maybe add a few other things.

wtf 560x560 Fall Bucket List {2014}


Carve a pumpkin

Visit Olana

Go kayaking

Go apple picking

Make an Autumn wreath

Clean out ALL closets (how does it seem that every closet in my house is jammed with crap after one year?)

Host / Attend a Fall beer tasting. (I do not enjoy beer that much. But I wish I did! I am going to try to sway my taste buds this year)

5 new fall recipes (excited about this one!)

What is on your fall bucket list?



After reading Joanna’s  blog post today,  I thought that I would finally settle in and start my first blog post in a year. The focus on the blog post is a quote from Nora Ephron –

“We have a game we play when we’re waiting for tables in restaurants, where you have to write the five things that describe yourself on a piece of paper. When I was [in my twenties], I would have put: ambitious, Wellesley graduate, daughter, Democrat, single. Ten years later not one of those five things turned up on my list. I was: journalist, feminist, New Yorker, divorced, funny. Today not one of those five things turns up in my list: writer, director, mother, sister, happy.”

I think that this is a great way to look at the life that each of us decides to live. These words have changed for me over the past few years and I am sure yours have as well.

amy 480x600 Chapters
In the past my words may have been the following: sister, daughter, teacher, girlfriend, quirky, devoted, open minded, student, friend, mom (of the dog variety), confidant, librarian, ambitious, wannabe foodie (ha!), self-reliant, and many many more. I could have kept going on that list forever.
I think that it is important to take a step back and see how those words change for all of us. As Joanna’s post goes on to discuss… we are all living chapters of our own book. My past year has had many chapters. Some happy, some stressful, and other chapters just flat out awful. We all need to decide to live for our new chapter and our new day. Stop living in the past and really look forward to building you future. Maybe that future includes a few different words you wouldn’t expect. It is always easy to write all of this down, but I am going to try to try extra hard and follow my own advice. 
dolly 489x600 Chapters
What words best describe you in your current chapter?

Wine & Dine 2013: Runner turned Cheerleader

wine and dine logo Wine & Dine 2013: Runner turned Cheerleader

Remember a while back when I mentioned that I was training for the Wine &  Dine half marathon? Well. I did. I trained and was faced with setback after setback. I have had a few different injuries during this training that has unfortunately left me as a cheerleader for this race.

8 560x559 Wine & Dine 2013: Runner turned Cheerleader

I had been dealing with runners knee on my right side for my last few long runs, so for my last long run of this training I decided to wear a knee brace. This actually turned out to help quite a bit until about mile 8. At that point I had horrible pain in my left knee and my left foot was killing me. I eventually stopped running at mile 9 (a mile short of my goal) and went home. As soon as I stopped running my knees felt okay, but my foot was unbearable. I think that because of my right knee, my left side really took a hit physically. I hobbled around for a few days before going to urgent care for an X-ray. Luckily, I don’t have a stress fracture or anything broken in my foot, but I do have a sprain. I have given my foot the past week to heal, and still have some underlying pain that I just can’t ignore.

9 560x560 Wine & Dine 2013: Runner turned Cheerleader

I have been looking forward to this race for so long. It is so frustrating to know that I can’t run the race that I have been training for. After registering for this race and booking flights and hotels so long ago, I am going to go anyway. I will be able to spend some much needed time with Danielle  celebrating our big birthdays (25 & 30!!) and have a great time. I have never been to Florida before, so I am so excited to check out some of the different parks and just have a good time!

iphone 522 560x560 Wine & Dine 2013: Runner turned Cheerleader