Easing back into it

buds1 Easing back into it

When I first started the Whole30, I didn’t even think about how I would reintroduce the foods that I have spent so much time actively avoiding. Many people asked me what the FIRST thing I was going to eat after the Whole30 was over would be. Would it finally be that bagel? Maybe a big cup of coffee? Gosh, maybe even just a glass of wine? In reality I knew that I probably should look into a way to reintroduce these food groups slowly and see if any of them really through me off.

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Thoughts on NEXT month

prettysunset Thoughts on NEXT month

Good morning!! I took a barre-esque class last night and during the whole thing I kept thinking about what my challenge for next month should be. I am happy to say that I am on day 20 of the Whole30. HOLY CRAP. Day 20! Where did the time go? I suppose it feels like the fastest month and the slowest month at the same time. Anyhow, back to my workout distractions…Continue Reading


tea Ch Ch Ch Changes

Happy Martin Luther King day! I am lucky enough to have today off and have spent it laying in bed for an amazing amount of time, leisurely eating breakfast and enjoying two cups of tea while plowing through my 250+ posts in my feedly. During the week I only have time to read a few during the day, so sitting down and clearing out some of this has been nice.

Anyway, lets talk about changes! A few things I have mentioned here before, but other things I catch myself chuckling at everyday.

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The Weekender

quiche2.0 The Weekender

Hello hello! I hope you have had a great weekend. I have been busy this morning with food prep for the week and am excited to share a few of the recipes I plan on making. I made a play on this quiche and added sauteed kale. This recipe for sauteed kale is absolutely delicious.

My eats the weekend have been good! I always enjoy the extra time to cook and play around in the kitchen. This weekend has been busy with work parties, game nights and other tempting situations. I found that eating a substantial meal before headed to parties makes life much easier.

WHOLE30 DAYS 16 & 17 EATS -


Things that I have been enjoying:  Grocery shopping! I hadn’t gone all week because of the decent meal prep I did last weekend, so grocery shopping this weekend was a treat (most adult sentence you can find on the blog).

Things I miss: The ability to easily make a snack. I know that nuts and fruits are easy snacks, but sometimes I really crave toast or a few wheat thins.

How I have been feeling: I been feeling great! I ran another 3 miles on the treadmill on Saturday morning and am planning on headed out for a long puppy walk this afternoon with Chris’s parents.

Meal plans for the rest of the week: 

Slow cooker balsamic chicken for my lunches this week.

Pork chops with apples, spinach & bacon for dinner tonight w/ leftovers for easy meals.

I also plan on making hard boiled eggs for snacks.

Whole30 Realizations

bacon Whole30 Realizations

So lets start this post off by talking about how I started this Whole30 experience to see how it would change my mood and how I felt throughout the day. I did not start this with the intention of losing a ton of weight and somehow gaining magical Kate Middleton hair or other superpowers.

HOWEVER. Here were are at the halfway point and I weighed myself (I know I know, technically shouldn’t do that according to the Whole30 rules) but I was curious! And when the number stared back at me I was totally unimpressed. I have lost a couple of pounds, but nothing like some of the Whole30 reviews I have read!

At that point I tried to do some positive self talk and reiterate that this is not the point of the Whole30. I have been feeling amazing and have been sleeping better than I have in ages. But then I had a realization. Weight does not simply disappear without effort. Sure, this diet is effort- but eating sweet potatoes and sitting on the couch won’t magically give you abs.  THAT is why for this second half of the Whole30 I will be making a huge effort to stay active. I will be doing the physical therapy exercises that helped my back last year as well as start running and lifting the weights that have been collecting dust in the garage.

I want this January to be a real turning point for me. I want to come out of it with a better eating and exercise habits. I have heard that it takes two weeks to create a new habit, so lets do this! I will also take stock in how the Whole30 has changed my body and my attitude. The weight isn’t falling off, but I’m not reaching for empty calorie snacks just for the sake of snacking. I have been more mindful of what I put in my body and feel fantastic. All of my meals have a purpose and have made me feel great. I have found that I can handle strict diet limitations in an office environment like a champ. I have saved a bunch of money from not eating out and buying groceries that don’t have a purpose.  So on that note, huzzah! We are halfway through the month of January!

Things that I have been enjoying:  I need more clementines! Also, pineapple is still a favorite.

Things I miss: Chips & salsa.

How I have been feeling: I have been struggling with the feelings I talked about above, but feel better now that I decided to do something about it. Also, I am sore! First time running since probably my half marathon.


Breakfast & Lunch were the same (Quiche for breakfast w/ Clementines and Spaghetti squash w/ turkey meat sauce). Dinner was totally random and delicious. I cooked up 3 slices of bacon, sauteed spinach in a little bacon grease and made 2 eggs over easy. In another pan I cooked up half a bag of frozen onions & peppers and added half a can of leftover fire roasted tomatoes. I put them all on a plate and ate it!

whole3015.3 Whole30 Realizations