2012: Year in review

I started 2012 with the goal of running a half marathon. I trained and trained and finally did it! It was a wonderful experience and one that I hope to do again. I also ran a 15K and a few other races. It was my best year so far for running!

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I started the year knowing that it was my last full year as a graduate student. In the past month I have finally graduated!

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In the little free time that I had, I spent some of it in the kitchen! Here are some of my favorite recipes from the past year:

scrimp scampi, butternut squash mac n’ cheese, zucchini cakes w/ greek yogurt sauce, eggplant stacks & baked apple cider donuts. 

final 1 thumb 2012: Year in reviewmac and cheese 1 thumb 2012: Year in review

At the end of August, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the weekend with some of my favorite people at the Healthy Living Summit. I cannot wait for this year! HLS 2013!! Who else is pumped??

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I had the honor of hosting the first of several “mini mingles” where we explored Cambridge as a group and went to J.P. Licks for ice cream. It was a great way for people to get to know each other before the conference actually started.

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I also had the amazing opportunity to be on a panel for newbie bloggers with Courtney and Chase. This was such an amazing experience, I will never forget it!

I rode the Sky coaster with my dad and Chasie at the great escape (6 flags) and LOVED IT.

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I spent the rest of the long, hot summer doing a lot of fun things with mister Chris and our lovely furry friends. We traveled to Maine and had a great time being unplugged and relaxing together.

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We ran the color me rad race in September! It was our first race together and a really cool experience.

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In December, we donned our most ridiculous apparel to hunt around for the best Christmas tree that we could find.

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I also blogged a lot about my Butternut Squashington. He is pretty awesome.

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I blogged about why pet adoption was right for me, Buddy hacked my computer and blogged about his Christmas wish list, and I blogged when he hurt himself by swimming a bit to much this summer.

Not a bad year! I love being able to look back and look at pictures and read about these special moments. Having a blog is so awesome!

What was your favorite moment of the year?

  • http://thenheathersaid.com Heather

    i love that i got to spend so much time with you in 2012 and can’t wait to top it in 2013 :) xo

    • http://www.thewannabefoodie.com Alicia

      Seriously. I am so glad that I can call you my friend. You are an amazing person!!

  • http://www.melissaruns.com Melissa

    I’m glad the Zucchini Cakes & Butternut Squash Mac recipes made it onto your blog because I’ve made both multiple times now. AWESOME dishes :) wishing you all the best in 2013!

    • http://www.thewannabefoodie.com Alicia

      Thank you so much!!! I need to make them again. The zucchini cakes remind me of summer!!

  • http://bitinglife.com Miranda @ Biting Life

    Oooh that butternut squash mac & cheese looks really good! I’m going to check out the recipe right now :)