Autumn- By the Numbers

Oh why hello! As this week begins, I can (almost) let out a sigh of relief. By Wednesday, I should have two of major internships basically completed. I only have one more I need to finish in order to graduate! I have been M.I.A for a while, so I thought this would be an entertaining way to share how the last two months have been.


Number of internship hours completed: 175

Number of times I called someone the wrong name: 50+

Number of times I left feeling frustrated or angry: 3


Number of times I “shhed” students: a ridiculous amount

Number of times I took naps after the school day: 6


Number of hugs received: 10+

Number of times a kindergartener called me out for now pronouncing their name right: 20

Number of times sneezed on by a kindergartener: at least 5


Number of students who regularly have a finger up their nose: 8

Number of picture books read: 15

Number of internship hours left I need to finish before graduation: 130

Number of times I regretted my choice for a career: 0


Things have been very busy. My google calendar controls my life! I hope all is well with everyone!