Birds N Beez

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 I first spotted this etsy shop on The Novelista Barista and could not stop myself from sharing! How beautiful are these lockets? I have always loved them. Birdz N Beez lockets have incredible charm!

Lockets pictured can be found here, here & here.

Annies Sweatshop

Annies Sweatshop has the most incredible dachshund stuff on Etsy!
il 430xN.89432459 Annies Sweatshop
How adorable is that? Cooper spends 90% of his day under blankets, he would love this.
il 430xN.95756181 Annies Sweatshop
Did I mention that cooper is 11 pounds? He is constantly freezing! This coat isn’t as ridiculous as most of the dog coats I’ve seen…and its reversible!

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 Cooper :)