Half Marathon Training

So. I signed up a for a half marathon on April 15th. Now I just need to make sure that I can actually do it! Before training actually began I studied different training plans and settled on Hal Higdon’s novice training plan. I thought it looked doable, and was excited to get started. Then the spring semester started. The last thing you want to do after working and going to school all day is run. That is fact. Quickly I realized that this plan was not going to work. I knew that I was doing alright though, and wasn’t stressing about how I would train. I knew that I could easily run 5 miles and had done that distance a couple of times.

I have been adding mileage to my long runs on the weekends and have been trying to incorporate cross-training and yoga into my schedule to stay sane. My PDR as of today is 9 miles. I am very happy with this number. Knowing that I have about 40 days left before the race and am already comfortable running that distance makes me feel good about my training. Training for a half marathon hasn’t been exactly what I thought it would be.  I have been lucky to have my friend Sarah run with me the past two long runs. She is a great runner and really keeps me going. I am going to scale back my long run this weekend and then up it again for the last hurrah before tapering. I can’t believe that the race is in less than 50 days! 

One thing that surprises me after a long run is how HUNGRY I am. I am not necessarily hungry the day that I run, but the days following I seem to just be starving. I am trying to keep my eating in check,  as well as keep the amount of water I am drinking up.

  • http://legallyfitblog.com Katie @ Legally Fit

    Wow awesome paces there girl! Yay for nine miles- good stuff! I gained a few lbs when I trained for and ran my half- I was STARVING all the time haha.

  • http://www.bonbonrosegirls.com Kristin

    I’m sure I would be ravenous after burning off so many calories!