Healthy Living Summit 2013 – 2 Days Away!

HLSLogo2013 1 thumb Healthy Living Summit 2013   2 Days Away!


Hello there! Happy Tuesday! I say happy Tuesday because in just 2 days I will be flying to Minneapolis for The Healthy Living Summit! This will be my third year attending and my second year speaking! I am so excited to have the opportunity to see old friends and meet new people! This is the first time I will be flying to the summit as well, which is exciting (I haven’t flown in 7 years!).

flight 560x560 Healthy Living Summit 2013   2 Days Away!

The Healthy Living Summit is going to be so amazing this year. Both Heather and Julie have spent so much time making it the best it can be. Also – can we talk a second about the ridiculous sponsors?? Wild Harvest, Sargento, Ninja, Musselmans, Blue Diamond, Refuel: Got Chocolate Milk? and Driscolls just to name a few. I have a feeling I am going to be stuffing swag bags until people start checking in on Friday!

hls2012 Healthy Living Summit 2013   2 Days Away!

I am also SO pumped for the panel that I have been working on this year! I am honored to be on a panel with Katie {of Running4Cupcakes} and Marissa {of  website & blog}. Details of our panel below-

Blogs in Transition: Embracing Your Blog
9:15 AM – 10:00 AM

As we all go through our blogging journeys, we realize that blogging has its ups and downs. Though we are all in different seasons of our own blogging journeys, you’ve probably felt the difficult yet exciting challenges blog growth of any sort can add to your plate.  How do you deal with the changes you face as your blog changes without starting to resent your blog and throwing in the towel?  This panel will focus on finding (and keeping!) your blogger voice,  how to develop a consistent blog schedule, how to stay active and engaged with your blog readers, as well as review a few of the best apps and tools that will help you stay on top of your game.  The panel will also offer simple ways to give your blog and brand some TLC and re-engage your readers and followers.

(Full 2013 Agenda)

I can’t wait to see you there! How many friends out there are planning on attending HLS this year??


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