Holiday Pretzel Bites

I have been working on making as many homemade Christmas gifts as I can, and Julie’s Holiday Pretzel’s are a winner!! These are incredibly easy (and CHEAP!) to make. The combination of sweet and salty is my favorite!!

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Whatcha Need:


Chocolate wafers (found at AC Moore, etc) OR Hershey’s Kisses (Just follow this recipe instead)

Any Flavor M&M (preferable red & green!)

How to do it:

Make an even layer of pretzels on a baking sheet

Place a chocolate wafer on each pretzel

Melt until chocolate wafer has slightly melted

Immediately place M&M’s on the ooey’ gooey chocolate

Let cool, and then transfer into airtight containers

Happy Holidays!!


I am OFFICIALLY a graduate student!!

I got an email on Friday with the opening line being “It’s a pleasure to inform you that…”

I still need to register for classes, but as of January 19th- I will officially be working towards the LAST 2 years of my education.


I think 17 years of school is enough, don’t you??



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