How many of you are eating pizza tonight?

I feel like pizza is that official STAMP that Friday has arrived. 
How cool are these pizza cutting gadgets?
I want the fork/slicer combination.. but somehow I know I would get hurt! 
  • Chocolate Lover

    Those are awesome! I am in the market for a new one, so might have to check some of those out!

  • Sarah @ Pandora’s Box

    Hahahah those scissors are REDIC. I'd never think to cut pizza but I guess it actually makes sense. And I agree… pizza = Friday. I mean didn't they serve it every friday when we were in skewl? lol

  • The Hubster and the Wifey

    The Hubster has always cut pizza with scissors. It drives me bonkers, but we now have kitchen shears rather than just scissors he/we cut paper and everything else with. His father cuts pizza with scissors, too!