Life Lately {9.27.13}

2013 09 25 1380137695 560x560 Life Lately {9.27.13}If only you guys had smellavision.

2013 09 25 1380142484 560x560 Life Lately {9.27.13}

My good friend Sherry just moved into her cottage (officially dubbed Miss Honeys cottage). She is located in the country with chickens, goats and horses. I loved it!
2013 09 27 1380280228 560x560 Life Lately {9.27.13}


Chris had a soccer game near TJ’s this past week, so obviously this happened.
2013 09 19 1379555988 560x560 Life Lately {9.27.13}Emily and I made this BANANA BREAD! Well, Emily made the banana bread. I mostly just watched and blamed my left handedness on my inability to mash bananas.  We made the recipe as is, but added an entire bag of chocolate chips (necessary).



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