May Goals

I am going to try to actively keep monthly goals for myself now that I am DONE with the semester. I finished my last class on Tuesday and have been reacquainting myself with what free time is. This summer I have the opportunity to work full time starting in June, so these remaining free days in May should be spent well! I attempted to keep monthly goals last summer, and truly believe that keeping monthly goals is much better than making a huge list of summer goals. Much less overwhelming.


Run at least 15 miles a week

Do a “Sunday Set Up” (aka plan workouts for the week)

Begin a weight training plan

Yoga once a week


Create & Post 1 new recipe a week

Clean eating


More puppy walks

Find a road bike

Go to the drive-ins


Design new layout

Clean up unused tags

Make a posting schedule


Move bed under window for Buddy

READ for fun!

What are your summer goals???

(last years July goals & August goals)

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  • Heather

    I love that you have a good list of goals for the month – but most of them seem like they are going to be REALLY enjoyable, and not the silly “to do”ish kind of goals that aren’t fun to accomplish. So excited for some of these!

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