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Hello Friends!

A news update about Healthy Living Summit 2013!

(via the Healthy Living Summit website)

Due to some unexpected issues the planning team is working out, we are going to have to postpone registration.  Julie and Heather are busy at work this weekend getting everything ironed out, and though at this time we are not 100% sure the new date of registration, we do expect to have dates and details to you by June 1.

We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience and understanding.  You’ll be hearing from us more very soon!

Please keep your eyes out for updates about the Healthy Living Summit soon! This will be my third year attending, I am SO excited. Heather and Julie have shown that then can do any amazing job planning the summit. I am honored to part of the planning team!

If you guys have any questions about the summit, please feel free to ask me!

Friday Confessions

I ran yesterday for the first time in weeks. It was hard.

us 560x560 Friday Confessions

In the past week I have forgotten how long Chris and I have been dating (6.5 years) as well as how old he is. oops.

book 560x560 Friday Confessions

I have finished two books that I really liked recently. The Paris Wife & The Light Between Oceans – Currently reading: The Good House 

Chris and I made a Google doc spreadsheet of all of the houses that we want to visit. This makes me beyond excited.

beans 560x560 Friday Confessions

Butternut Squashington has an appointment to get professional photos taken next week. I am splurging for a good cause! Every year a local business puts together a calendar of pups that have been rescued. This calendar is then sold for a local animal organization. I am able to get Bud’s pictures taken at a great rate, and there is a chance he will be in a calendar! How cool is that?

test 560x560 Friday Confessions

I PASSED MY LIBRARY EXAM! Finally! Knowing that I am DONE taking NYS teaching exams is a fantastic feeling.

On the docket for this long weekend: Reading, running & resting.

How about you? 

Farewell, wiener dog friends.

Today two of my favorite pups passed away. Chris’s parents had two older dachshunds that were both not doing very well. Farewell, Bob and Dug. You will forever be missed.

Dug is the larger short haired wiener dog (Darth Vader), and Bob is the one with crazy grey hair (Chewbacca). Cooper is a BABY in this video. He plays Hans Solo.

Cory (Chris’s brother) made this video about 5 years ago.

FEAR NOT, I am a Librarian!

If you follow me on instagram or twitter, there is a good chance that you have seen my new favorite coffee mug!

Café Press reached out to me a while ago to see if I was interested in reviewing one of their products. I happily obliged and immediately started scouring their website to see what I would love to test out. As an avid coffee drinker, I was thrilled to find this guy

mug thumb FEAR NOT, I am a Librarian!.

The mug itself is 15oz. with a steel inner-sleeve and snap-tight lid. I use it with our keurig and it fits 12oz. of coffee with just the right amount of milk. I usually brew my coffee right before leaving for work at around 7am- I can honestly say that the coffee stays hot for a hours! On the rare occasion that I don’t drain my cup by 8:30 or so, this guy keeps my coffee toasty.

I would highly recommend this mug as a gift for teachers (there are lots of different mug styles) or even friends and family. One thing that is neat about café press, is that they can do a lot of personalized gifts. Maybe someday I will make a The Wannabe Foodie t-shirt..! What do you guys think?

*Note: I received this mug to review for free via Café Press. As always, the opinions expressed here are completely my own*