Whole30 Day 6! Noticeable Changes

Good Morning! As I was making myself dinner last night, I realized that since starting the Whole30 certain things have noticeably changed.

1. The amount of dishes I do. This is a no brainer. I am spending a ton more time in the kitchen either food prepping or making myself a meal.

2. My fridge is PACKED. Another no brainer. I would often have a turkey sandwich during the week on the nights that Chris works. Turkey sandwiches are easy- bread, cold cuts, some veggies. Now I feel like my meals are much more elaborate. There are containers of baby kale, spinach and cooked potatoes and prepared bacon everywhere. The produce on my counter is also overwhelming. But really, I totally believe that a well stocked kitchen = a successful Whole30.

3. My leafy green consumption is up 10 fold. Pre Whole30 I was pretty awful about getting in the dark leafy greens that are packed with all of the wonderful iron, magnesium and calcium that your body needs. I have found that sautéing a few handfuls with my eggs is not only delicious, but a great way to sneak them in. They cook down super quickly and a great with salt and pepper and even a little hot sauce.

I think that these are all good changes! I really think about the meals that I am going to eat and have had a lot of fun thinking up new ideas. I even keep a notepad next to my keyboard at work where I write down ideas for future meals. It’s nice to know that I don’t NEED coffee in the morning. That was one of the major hurdles that I wanted to get over before starting this process. I have had a cup of coffee every morning since I was probably a junior in highschool. Making the switch (even if its just temporary) makes me feel really good. I also feel really good about my snacks. On a normal day I would come home from work and make a piece or two of whole wheat toast with peanut butter & jelly, and sometimes another cup of coffee to go along with it. Now, I have been satisfied with a few handfuls of nuts and raisins or a banana and some almond butter. I think that that change alone will help me change my eating habits in the long run and make a big impact on my diet.

Things I have been enjoying: Roasted potatoes, sautéing my leafy greens, franks red hot on everything.

Things I miss: Ketchup! <– seriously. and the occasional diet soda.

How I have been feeling: I am feeling great! Still feeling good like I have mentioned in previous posts. The one time I felt kinda gross was after eating my lunch yesterday. I just felt so FULL. I think that my body is just adjusting to eating so many vegetables.


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The Whole30 Goes Back to Work

Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a great morning so far! I woke up this morning feeling pretty awesome and VERY excited that I took the time to pack my breakfast and lunch for today last night. Yesterday was my first day back at work in two weeks and I was pretty nervous about how I would do with my food plan. I told my coworkers and friends in the building right away what I was doing and answered questions, and explained why I would do something so crazy. Then, I made myself a cup of earl grey tea and got back to work.

My day itself went really well. I made two scrambled eggs with roasted potatoes and salsa for breakfast and packed a bunch of snacks to last all day. For lunch I had chili and was stuffed until about 6pm! After making dinner I did a little food prep that should help me throughout the rest of the week. I cooked up what remaining compliant bacon I have (only 3 pieces), made a head of cauliflower rice and made my breakfast for today (1/6/15). I was still a little sleepy last night and ended up falling asleep on the couch while watching “Ride Along” with Chris. I slept really well and woke up to my alarm this morning at 6:30am.

Things I have been enjoying: fresh veggies, cauliflower rice (NEVER thought I would say that), pineapple. Coconut curry shrimp! My dinner last night was awesome! I used this recipe but omitted anything not whole30 approved and subbed in shrimp.

Things I miss: milk & sugar in coffee, wine, peanut butter.

How I have been feeling: Still really good! I feel smaller. I don’t know how to explain it. I feel less puffy and bloated than I have in a long time. I can’t puff my stomach up like I used too (is that gross?) and just overall awesome. I don’t miss the things I used to crave as much. I really am just thoroughly enjoying how I am feeling.


Whole 30 Day 4: The Sleepies

Good Morning! When I first started the Whole30 I looked at the projected timeline and waited for the symptoms to hit. I waited and waited… I didn’t have “The Hangover” I didn’t have “Kill all the things” but I have been suffering from “I just want a nap” in a big way. And apparently a few days early. Yesterday I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and by the time I sat down on the couch I was more than ready for a nap. So, I did! I brought both of the pups upstairs with me and took a lovely afternoon siesta. I went to bed early and slept alright last night. We have been having some really windy weather in upstate NY and it woke me up a few times. I also woke up a bit early anxious about getting back to work after a two week break. Its a few hours later now and I am feeling good!



I thought I would start asking myself the same questions everyday. I think this will be a really interesting way to look back on the Whole30 as the days go by.

Things I have been enjoying: Roasted potatoes, bacon, cashews & raisins and earl grey tea.

Things I miss: milk & sugar in coffee, cheese, toast.

How I have been feeling: Still really good! Now I have been a little sleepy, but according to the timeline that is normal.

Day 4 Whole30 Eats-



Whole30 Day 3

Good Morning! Here we are on day 4 of the Whole30 and I still feel great! I just woke up, and for the first time in 3 days I haven’t woken up starving. I’ll take that as a good sign! Yesterday (Day 3) was a great day!

I have been really lucky to start this on my school break, and am a bit nervous about work meals. I am planning on going grocery shopping today for the week and plan on doing a bunch of meal prep. Its not the prep that I am worried about- just the temptation to go out with other coworkers for lunch or the possibility that I didn’t pack enough to keep me full. I am planning on making sure that I have almonds, lara bars and fruit with me at all times so I avoid any of that.

I still have been feeling super energetic and clear headed. I managed to watch the entire LOTR Fellowship of the Ring last night without falling asleep! That is a pretty big deal for me! I also slept in until 9:30am which also hasn’t happened in forever.

The eats! Whole30 Day 3 Main Meals: Hover over photo for more information about the meal.

I snacked on a blueberry larabar and a trail mix I made of raisins, almonds and pumpkin seeds. I also had a cup of coffee with coconut milk.

Whole 30 Prep & Thoughts


Good morning! Today is day 3 of the Whole30 for me and I am still feeling great. There are certainly times where all you want is a chocolate bar or that bottle of wine that Chris so rudely opened (NOT FAIR!). But everything else has been good. I have been sleeping really well and general anxiety has been non existent. I feel very clear headed and less puffy than I did after Christmas. My biggest issue so far has been making sure that I eat enough. When I am hungry in between meals, I usually eat an apple or banana and a handful of almonds. I haven’t had any of the detox headaches that people commonly feel when they do the Whole30, so I feel lucky! I really think this sudden clarity I feel is the strangest and most noticeable change. It feels like I was almost in a fog prior to January 1st? Or maybe I was just hungover. We will never know for sure.

I really think that reading up on the Whole30 and really understanding what the rules are has helped me a lot in these first few days. I shopped and planned meals ahead of time and understand that completing the Whole30 without planning ahead wouldn’t be possible. My first “oops” so far was not thawing the roasting chicken I planned on making for dinner fast enough. It came to be dinner time and Chris pulls out this totally solid bird. Oh well, I ended up making a huge salad with  a Trader Joes chili lime chicken burger on top. Those were just okay… I must overlooked that cilantro was an ingredient when checking for compliant ingredients. I really. really. hate. cilantro. 

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