Whole30 Weekend Temptations

Good Morning! I hope you are having a great weekend so far. Yesterday I made myself a really good breakfast, cleaned the whole house, played frisbee with buddy, gave him a bath and then out with a few friends. It was a great Saturday for sure, but man going out with friends when you are on a restricted diet is awful. We went out to watch the Seahawks Patriots football game so it was all bar food and beer. I would have been okay passing on the bar food (except the nachos….pass those delicious cheesy jalapeno covered carb bombs my way). But the beer looked so good. I don’t drink that often, and I honestly don’t even love beer. I managed to do pretty well considering the situation. I will be honest and say that I picked a few jalapenos off of the nachos that Chris and his friends ordered, but JUST the jalapenos. I also am not 100% that my dinner was totally compliant, but it is what it is and I did what I could.


My Butternut didn’t want to relinquish his gross frisbee after playing fetch.

Things that I have been enjoying: Pretty much the same things. Steak last night tasted awesome.

Things I miss: Ice cream, wine.

How I have been feeling: I feel good! Glad to be 1/3 of the way done.

Day 10 WHOLE30 EATS:

Dinner was a 9oz grilled sirloin steak, steamed green beans and smashed red potatoes. It was delicious.

Snacks: Nothing that I can remember. Lots of water.

How is your weekend going? Do anything fun? I am planning on roasting a whole chicken tonight and doing lots of meal prep for the week.

Whole30 Day 9: A Much Better Day

Good Morning! I hope you had a great Friday night! I had a really crazy night that included drinking sleepy time tea at 7:30pm and reading The Silkworm in bed. Yesterday was an overall much better day for me Whole30 wise than day 8. I didn’t have the insane cravings that felt like they were ruining my life and felt good all day. I even went out for lunch! I went to Greenhouse in Saratoga and got a really amazing salad. It was massive and filled me up all day. I called ahead and asked about compliant options and was very happy with my order. I am sure that I will be going back again soon!

Things that I have been enjoying: Salads! Hard boiled eggs, tea.

Things I miss: Friday nights without wine are stupid.

How I have been feeling: I feel good! I am thinking that I need to reduce the starches that I am eating and try to get more protein and veggies. Day 9 was a good example of how I would like to eat.

Snacks: I honestly can’t think of anything else I ate. All of my meals were filling- I don’t think I snacked on anything yesterday.


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Helloooo Cravings!


Ugh. Cravings. I went 7 straight days without any overwhelming cravings only to be smacked in the face by about 10 of them in one day. Everything sounded good, everything I COULD eat sounded totally lame. The idea of a toasted bagel with cream cheese or a cookie or my precious coffee with milk and sugar are seriously stressing me out.

Parks-and-Rec Its not even the cravings that are irritating, its more the feeling that nothing I eat is what I want that is frustrating. I still had a decent day and ate really good meals. Here is hoping that these cravings pass soon, because this girl is daydreaming about a brownie covered in peanutbutter.

Things that I have been enjoying: Roasted potatoes, hot sauce on everything.

Things I miss: I don’t want to talk about it. I want everything.

How I have been feeling: My body feels great! I’m just struggling with the diet itself and limitations. (Maybe I just need to go to the grocery store and get creative?)

Day 8 Whole30 Eats –

The end. rant over.


Whole30 – A week down!

Good Morning! Here we are, a full WEEK down for the Whole30! I am still feeling really good. However, I would really love to crawl inside of a toasted plain bagel with cream cheese and hibernate there for the next few days. Every once in a while I get a craving for something (like a bagel, or toast, or a handful of chocolate chips.. or hot chocolate..etc). I have done a good job at making sure I keep enough food with me at work and have been satisfied everyday. I have read on a few blogs that not eating enough was a major problem in the beginning, so I have been trying to pack smart. I would rather have packed too MUCH food rather than not enough.

At one point during the midafternoon yesterday at work a coworker of mine passed me in the hallway. It was just after most people were finishing lunch and she was yawning. Be default I almost said “I know! I could use a nap too!” but caught myself because I realized I was totally fine. No afternoon slump whatsoever. I felt great!

Things I have been enjoying: Pineapple, smooth skin, clearheadedness.

Things I miss: Turkey subs. mhmm.

How I have been feeling: Good! Still feeling good. Sleeping like a rock. I do really well when I prep my meals for work and can just grab my lunch box and go.


I also snacked on cashews, almonds and raisins at work. After dinner I finished off a can of pineapple.

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How are you feeling a week into the new year?

Whole30 Day 6! Noticeable Changes

Good Morning! As I was making myself dinner last night, I realized that since starting the Whole30 certain things have noticeably changed.

1. The amount of dishes I do. This is a no brainer. I am spending a ton more time in the kitchen either food prepping or making myself a meal.

2. My fridge is PACKED. Another no brainer. I would often have a turkey sandwich during the week on the nights that Chris works. Turkey sandwiches are easy- bread, cold cuts, some veggies. Now I feel like my meals are much more elaborate. There are containers of baby kale, spinach and cooked potatoes and prepared bacon everywhere. The produce on my counter is also overwhelming. But really, I totally believe that a well stocked kitchen = a successful Whole30.

3. My leafy green consumption is up 10 fold. Pre Whole30 I was pretty awful about getting in the dark leafy greens that are packed with all of the wonderful iron, magnesium and calcium that your body needs. I have found that sautéing a few handfuls with my eggs is not only delicious, but a great way to sneak them in. They cook down super quickly and a great with salt and pepper and even a little hot sauce.

I think that these are all good changes! I really think about the meals that I am going to eat and have had a lot of fun thinking up new ideas. I even keep a notepad next to my keyboard at work where I write down ideas for future meals. It’s nice to know that I don’t NEED coffee in the morning. That was one of the major hurdles that I wanted to get over before starting this process. I have had a cup of coffee every morning since I was probably a junior in highschool. Making the switch (even if its just temporary) makes me feel really good. I also feel really good about my snacks. On a normal day I would come home from work and make a piece or two of whole wheat toast with peanut butter & jelly, and sometimes another cup of coffee to go along with it. Now, I have been satisfied with a few handfuls of nuts and raisins or a banana and some almond butter. I think that that change alone will help me change my eating habits in the long run and make a big impact on my diet.

Things I have been enjoying: Roasted potatoes, sautéing my leafy greens, franks red hot on everything.

Things I miss: Ketchup! <– seriously. and the occasional diet soda.

How I have been feeling: I am feeling great! Still feeling good like I have mentioned in previous posts. The one time I felt kinda gross was after eating my lunch yesterday. I just felt so FULL. I think that my body is just adjusting to eating so many vegetables.


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