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Aloha all! This week is the official start of my 16 week half marathon training plan. As I have briefly mentioned before, I will be running the Disney Wine & Dine half marathon in November with one of my blend favorites, Danielle! I have been running off and on for the past couple of months, but decided that it would be best to incorporate the next 4 weeks into an official plan instead of putting a training plan off until August.

I will be using the Hal Higdon Novice 2 training plan. I really like how it doesn’t seem completely overwhelming, but still increases mileage at a pace I believe I can handle.

Another major aspect of my training plan will be stretching and icing. My lower back still gives me regular pain that usually ends up in a spasm. I will be attempting to lead the charge against and recurring pain by stretching and icing regularly. Maintaining a happy back will be key for good training and a good race!

While planning my training, I realized that I will have a long run scheduled while at the Healthy Living Summit this year! Who out there is planning on running on the Saturday of the summit? I know I will have about 8 miles to do!

And now, a wrap up of my workouts last week & my plans for this week!

The Weekender

Last week I managed to run 2 times on the treadmill during the week and swam the other days. It was a scorcher here in upstate NY, This week looks to be much more accommodating for outdoors running!

Planned workouts for this week -

  • S: 4 Mile Run
  • M: Rest
  • T: 3 Mile Run
  • W: Elliptical / Walk or Swim
  • TH: 3 Mile Run
  • F: Cross Train
  • S: 4 Mile Run

The Weekender post inspired by Teri @ A Foodie Stays Fit


Well well well. Here we are again. Another long absence, another explanation. Most of the time, I feel these are unnecessary. However, my blog is a place where I take note of important things, as well as the little moments that make life special. So, I will start from the beginning.

(If you don’t want to read the entire thing, that is fine. I have recorded most of the information for my own reference. Short story- my mom had a stroke the day after arriving on vacation and then was admitted to the hospital the night we arrived home for having a blood clot in her arm. She is since doing better but is still recovering). 

6/14 - My last blog post

6/15-6/21 – The last week of “school” for me. I finished end of year things at the library.

6/22- DANIELLE ARRIVES! We are going to CAPE COD!

6/23- Danielle, My brother, Buddy & I make the trek from Saratoga from Cape Cod. Do all the necessary things. Check out beach, eat fish for dinner, enjoy adult beverages. Unpack a bit and unwind after spending hours in the car.

6/24- Wake up to my dad knocking on the door at around 6am saying something about an emergency, he called 911 and there is something wrong with my mom. He thinks she had a stroke.

We all jump out of bed and see what is really happening. Realize that something is very wrong. She cannot feel her right hand and the right side of her face is sagging. I start thinking- “Oh my gosh, is this really happening?” I tried to get as much done as I could,  knowing that I would be going to the hospital most of the day. Take Buddy outside, brush teeth. My brother and I follow my mom and dad in the ambulance to Cape Cod Hospital. I keep thinking “mom is only 50 years old….she should not have had a stroke.”

We spend most of the morning in the ER waiting to talk to doctors. My mom also has many different tests done. At about noon, my dad says to go home and try to relax a bit. Nothing was really happening at the hospital and my mom was going to try and rest.

The rest of the afternoon was spent grocery shopping, trying to enjoy the beach and making dinner. We also cooked dinner so when my dad came home everything was done.

Early to bed.

6/25- Wake up early to head to the hospital. Emotional morning. Spend morning til about noon in the hospital with mom. She met with speech therapists and occupational therapists.

She is tired and doesn’t want to be in the hospital. It should be noted that these past two days have been absolutely beautiful and hot. Perfect beach weather. My mom was looking forward to sitting on the beach and relaxing for so long.

After spending the morning in the hospital, my brother and I head home in the early afternoon. My dad follows and takes us all to Downtown Chatham to explore. It was a really cute town. After exploring- Dad heads back to the hospital. Danielle and I go for a long walk on the beach and then start making dinner.

6/26- We all wake up optimistic. We have been told by many at the hospital that mom should be getting out of the hospital today. I am also excited because Chris is driving out to Cape Cod after work later!

What the Doctors have been able to tell us: she has no major issues. Overall she is a healthy 50 year old woman. All of her levels look normal. By why did she have a stroke? Her speech had improved greatly since the first day. You can’t even tell that her face is still numb. She is gaining more movement back in her hand. She says it still feels like her fingers are asleep.

She has one more test scheduled for the afternoon – a Transesophageal Echocardiogram.

After spending the morning in the hospital, my dad tells us to go do something fun. We head to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History for a bit and then head back to the house. In the meantime, Dad calls and explains that the test had found that my mom was born with a small hole in her heart (turns out 1/4 people in the world are born with this). Finding this out is helpful, but doesn’t mean much to the Doctors. Danielle and I head to the beach for a little while. We read, catch up on the news and keep tabs on my dad. Still hoping for mom to get out of the hospital today.

At around 6pm, my mom is released! They arrive home. My mom finally explores the house a little (didn’t really have time before!) and gets comfortable. We leave mom at home to relax and grab a few pizzas. We also decide that ice cream is necessary and get pints at Sundae School.


My dad takes us to a beach close to where we are picking up dinner and take a few pictures. We notice the beautiful sunset behind us!



After photo ops, we head to get our food. We eat our pizza, have some ice cream. Relax a bit. At around 8:30pm, Chris calls and asks which house on the road is ours and so I run outside. Turns out he is already in the driveway! Such a relief to see him after this very long couple of days. We show him around the house. We are all tired, so we head to bed relatively early.

6/27- We wake up with the plan of heading to Provincetown! It is a grey day, so we figure spending it exploring another spot would be a good idea. We arrive and walk around a bit and then grab lunch. We don’t spend a ton of time there though, my mom is pretty wiped out. After getting home, Chris and I go to the beach for a bit. It was pretty buggy though, so we end up turning around pretty quickly. At around dinner time, it is decided that games and snacks will be happening in the evening! We are all pretty excited. We spend the evening playing cards against humanity, snacking and enjoying adult beverages.


6/28- Ahh Friday. Already. My parents wake up and decide to drive out to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Chris, Danielle and I decide to stay back. I take Chris out to lunch at Brax Landing for lunch where I got the most epic fish tacos. I still think about them.

fishtacosomg 560x560 WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WEDNESDAY

After my parents and brother got back from their adventure at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, we ate lunch and then headed to the Cape Cod potato chip factory. I don’t know about you, but I love myself some Cape Cod potato chips. They didn’t allow pictures inside, but if you are staying near Hyannis I recommend stopping by! At this point, my mom had mentioned that she had some pain in her left arm. We all assumed that this was because that was where her picc line was located while she was in the hospital. We ended up getting pizza again later that night (thin crust is healthy, right?) and started packing.

6/29- Time to leave! Chris, Andy and Danielle and myself had pretty much packed everything up the night before, so we slept in a bit and headed home at around 10am. We all made good time and got home around 4:30pm.

After getting home, my mom had her nurse friend come over and check out her arm. At this point the pain was still pretty bad. It was hard and hot to the touch. Her friend recommended going to urgent care because it was either an infection of a clot. Turns out it was the later. My mom was admitted to our local hospital for a blood clot the night we arrived home and was kept overnight. They are still not 100% sure why her blood clotted.

She was put on different medication and continues to go to regular appointments where they test her blood. She is also still seeing her occupational therapist. She works at a cardiologist office, so she is surrounded by doctors all day. After having the week after returning home off she has been back to work as of last Monday.

The entire experience was hard. It was hard to see someone so close to you go through something where you have no control over anything that is happening. It is hard still not knowing what caused the stroke or the blood clot. It was a vacation where I came home more exhausted than I was before I left.

I am very thankful to have been so close to the Cape Cod hospital. It was a wonderful place for my mom to be. I am thankful to have such good friends and family to support my mom during this time. She still has a long road ahead of her, but continues to make improvements everyday. I am thankful to have such amazing people like Danielle and Chris there for me when I needed them.

When life gets busy, it is very easy to forget to look around you and appreciate what you have. It is sometimes moments like this that remind us to tell those whom you love how you feel.

Summer Movie {Wish List}

What movies are you looking forward to seeing this Summer?

These three are definitely on my wishlist…

And this one, just to keep things fun.

What is your favorite way to watch summer movies? In the cool comfort of air conditioning? Or at the drive-inn?

A few of my LEAST favorite things: Green Edition

celery A few of my LEAST favorite things: Green Edition

Celery. Unless it is fulled with peanut butter.

ewie 560x470 A few of my LEAST favorite things: Green Edition

Capers. GAG.

gag A few of my LEAST favorite things: Green Edition

Cilantro. DOUBLE GAG!

I wish I liked these things! I really do!

I am generally not a picky eater, but have found that I really just can’t stand these things.

Cilantro in salsa? Ick. Celery in potato salad? Gag. Capers in, um..anythng? Gross. 

What about you? What is your least favorite GREEN food?

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