Whole 30 Day 4: The Sleepies

Good Morning! When I first started the Whole30 I looked at the projected timeline and waited for the symptoms to hit. I waited and waited… I didn’t have “The Hangover” I didn’t have “Kill all the things” but I have been suffering from “I just want a nap” in a big way. And apparently a few days early. Yesterday I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and by the time I sat down on the couch I was more than ready for a nap. So, I did! I brought both of the pups upstairs with me and took a lovely afternoon siesta. I went to bed early and slept alright last night. We have been having some really windy weather in upstate NY and it woke me up a few times. I also woke up a bit early anxious about getting back to work after a two week break. Its a few hours later now and I am feeling good!

timeline Whole 30 Day 4: The Sleepies


I thought I would start asking myself the same questions everyday. I think this will be a really interesting way to look back on the Whole30 as the days go by.

Things I have been enjoying: Roasted potatoes, bacon, cashews & raisins and earl grey tea.

Things I miss: milk & sugar in coffee, cheese, toast.

How I have been feeling: Still really good! Now I have been a little sleepy, but according to the timeline that is normal.

Day 4 Whole30 Eats-



Whole30 Day 3

Good Morning! Here we are on day 4 of the Whole30 and I still feel great! I just woke up, and for the first time in 3 days I haven’t woken up starving. I’ll take that as a good sign! Yesterday (Day 3) was a great day!

I have been really lucky to start this on my school break, and am a bit nervous about work meals. I am planning on going grocery shopping today for the week and plan on doing a bunch of meal prep. Its not the prep that I am worried about- just the temptation to go out with other coworkers for lunch or the possibility that I didn’t pack enough to keep me full. I am planning on making sure that I have almonds, lara bars and fruit with me at all times so I avoid any of that.

I still have been feeling super energetic and clear headed. I managed to watch the entire LOTR Fellowship of the Ring last night without falling asleep! That is a pretty big deal for me! I also slept in until 9:30am which also hasn’t happened in forever.

The eats! Whole30 Day 3 Main Meals: Hover over photo for more information about the meal.

I snacked on a blueberry larabar and a trail mix I made of raisins, almonds and pumpkin seeds. I also had a cup of coffee with coconut milk.

Whole 30 Prep & Thoughts

whole30hau Whole 30 Prep & Thoughts

Good morning! Today is day 3 of the Whole30 for me and I am still feeling great. There are certainly times where all you want is a chocolate bar or that bottle of wine that Chris so rudely opened (NOT FAIR!). But everything else has been good. I have been sleeping really well and general anxiety has been non existent. I feel very clear headed and less puffy than I did after Christmas. My biggest issue so far has been making sure that I eat enough. When I am hungry in between meals, I usually eat an apple or banana and a handful of almonds. I haven’t had any of the detox headaches that people commonly feel when they do the Whole30, so I feel lucky! I really think this sudden clarity I feel is the strangest and most noticeable change. It feels like I was almost in a fog prior to January 1st? Or maybe I was just hungover. We will never know for sure.

I really think that reading up on the Whole30 and really understanding what the rules are has helped me a lot in these first few days. I shopped and planned meals ahead of time and understand that completing the Whole30 without planning ahead wouldn’t be possible. My first “oops” so far was not thawing the roasting chicken I planned on making for dinner fast enough. It came to be dinner time and Chris pulls out this totally solid bird. Oh well, I ended up making a huge salad with  a Trader Joes chili lime chicken burger on top. Those were just okay… I must overlooked that cilantro was an ingredient when checking for compliant ingredients. I really. really. hate. cilantro. 

(hover or click on each photo for more information)

Starting 2015 with a BANG

Hello there! Long time no blog (if I had a dollar for everytime I have said that…). I hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and New Years! I don’t know about you, but I was totally ready to see 2014 go away. It was a rough year for me personally and I am feeling better now that I have in a long time.  I’m starting 2015 by challenging myself to complete the Whole30. I am doing the Whole30 in order to hopefully see some change in the way I see food and break bad habits that I felt trapped in. I little bit of weight loss would be nice too. (if you are familiar with the whole30, skip the next paragraph).

The Whole30 is a 30 day nutrition plan that cuts dairy, wheat, and sugar from your diet. The goal is to eat a diet consisting of meat, seafood, an abundance of vegetables and fruits and healthy fats. That means no dairy, gluten, sugar or processed foods. You should be able to read absolutely every ingredient that you are putting into your body.

For me, the omission of processed foods isn’t the scary part, I don’t eat a ton of them. The cutting out of dairy and grains is the scary part! Coffee without milk or sugar? Omlets without cheese? No toast or peanut butter at all? Even though there were definitely moments when I wanted to back out of my plan, I knew that doing this was something that I really should do. So, I talked to my friend Danielle and she is doing the Whole30 with me in Canada. It is great to have a friend to get meal ideas from and talk you off the ledge when you have a spoon in one hand a jar of peanut butter in the other. I also made a hashtag (#aliciadoeswhole30) and plan on blogging the experience. I have found that instagram and pinterest are wonderful assets to have while planning the whole30 and during these first few days.

Ready to see my eats? Here are my meals from my first day (1/1/15) of the Whole30.

A few thoughts on the first day: I may kick myself later, but this doesn’t seem that bad! I am enjoying the foods that I am eating and feel full. I also had an unpictured banana and some almonds when I visiting my friend Sherry and her beautiful baby boy. Here we are on the morning on day 2 and I feel great. Energetic and clear headed.

Question: Have you ever done the Whole30? What were some of your favorite recipes?

For the love of PINTEREST

I have spent the past two days revamping many of my pinterest boards. How overwhelming is a “Yummy” pinterest board that has close to 1,000 pins? Why not spend two days breaking this board down into smaller more specific boards? I also got rid of a lot of dead links and pins that I know I would never ever attempt to make.

While my “Yummy” board still has 200+ pins on it, I also have a Cookies, Brownies & Bars board, a board devoted to Cinnamon Buns (yes, really) as well as boards for Pasta recipes, Soups, and Chicken.

Revamping these has made me really pumped for holiday parties and Friendsgiving! As well as Christmas… even though I refuse to believe it is right around the corner. My mom actually just asked if I could bring an appetizer to Thanksgiving and I think that this one could be cute funny for my cousins.

cute For the love of PINTEREST

As for Christmasy Pins, I am in love with these DIY decorations from Martha Stewart. As the least creative and crafty person ever, I feel like doing something like this would be worth the investment in a glue gun.

pretty For the love of PINTEREST

perfect For the love of PINTEREST



Also, the most picture perfect winter house ever. Ahh. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? I feel like the house smells like freshly baked cookies and always has a nice fire going.

What are your favorite pins lately?