Spring Dreams

Hello All! Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you, but this winter is really getting to me.  I seriously question why I live in upstate NY during these long dark months! When it isn’t snowing outside, it is just gray and overcast. I find myself searching for vacation and cruise deals even though I could never afford one in a million years.  I just keep telling myself that it is February and spring is COMING. Until then I guess I will just amuse myself with pictures of other people enjoying the sunshine. Enjoy!

So- if you live somewhere where the sun is shining, please enjoy it for me a little bit. :)

(all images via weheartit.com)
  • http://vitaminamy.wordpress.com Amy @VitaminAmy

    I’m wishing for spring as well! Enough of freezing cold temps and snow. Only a couple more months to go :)

  • http://pandorasboxblog.com Sarah

    I haaate the short days too :(

    I don’t know if this is true, but someone told me that every day after the winter solstice (Dec 21st) we gain about 2 more minutes of daylight. Kind of random but it cheers me up know that.