The four hungry amigas

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Last night I spent some time with some of my favorite local bloggers! Jen, Katie, Emily,  Melissa and I had planned on hanging out at Jen’s awesome apartment and ordering some pizza, but quickly changed out minds when we found out that there was going to be over an hour wait! We were hungry! No Bueno!

After some quick thinking, we decided to take a walk and check out Jose Malones. Jose Malones is located in downtown Troy, right down the street from Brown’s Ale House. We were seated pretty quickly and started chatting away while reading over the menu. We were torn between sticking with chips & guacamole, or going for something different for our appetizer…


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This my friends, is a pineapple and goat cheese Quesadilla.

It is a  vegetarian quesadilla with babyspinach, grape tomatoes, jalapeños, goat, jack and cheddar cheeses and scallions.

It was out of this world! I was skeptical at first (I have had my issues with goat cheese…) but think that this was pretty amazing! The combination of flavors really worked well together! Soon after we finished our appetizer, our entree’s arrived!

I decided to go with the chicken fajitas.

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Our waitress (who was rocking some killer brows’) picked up on my hatred of cilantro and kindly put everything that had it on the side for me. The meal itself was very tasty! My favorite part was the grilled peppers and onions!

We enjoyed our meal and talked about lots of things. We spent lots of time talking about Babies! Katie is glowing!

003 560x420 The four hungry amigas

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(last image via. Jen)

It was so great to see everyone!! Can’t wait until we do it again icon smile The four hungry amigas

  • Emily

    so happy I saw you Wednesday! I was a little wary of the quesadilla at first too but I really loved it :)

  • Katie H

    I had so much fun- it was so nice to catch up! I am still thinking about that quesadilla two days later!